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What is Halal?

In Barcelona, you have probably noticed signs of ‘Strong’ – Halal Meat Markets or Halal Delicatessen. You’ve probably also read the labels that say a certain meat is Halal or you’ve passed over items that point to a trend towards more and more people buying and consuming meat in a Restaurant Halal. However, unless you are a Muslim, you probably don’t understand all that needs to be done to get food called Halal.


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In Arabic, the word “Halal” means permissible. Halal meat is meat that has been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Law, as set out in the Qur’an. This particular type of slaughter is called Dhabiha, which requires the sacrifice of the animal to ensure the least possible pain and suffering.


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It’s a very specific method of killing animals for food, one that also involves draining all the blood and ensuring that no live animal ever sees another animal slaughtered. Zain Mohammed, a chemical engineering student at and connoisseur of every Halal restaurant in the Texas area) has made it his mission to demystify Halal food for Muslims and non-Muslims, and in doing so, spread awareness of the health benefits of this unique practice.

The benefits of food in a Halal Restaurant (such as Well Food Gourmet 😉)

In 2013, he started Zain’s Halal Reviews, a blog by Zain Mohammed dedicated to testing Halal restaurants or specific dishes and reviewing them for others. To date, he has reviewed nearly 100 restaurants in the city of Houston and has opened the eyes of Houstonians to the variety of Halal food available in the city.

Traditionally, animals raised for Halal meat are better cared for than animals raised on factory farms. Part of the Islamic law that dictates the preparation of meat requires that the animal be treated well during its life and during the slaughter process. In addition, other animals should never witness the killing or sharpening of knives. And that knife must be kept very sharp to ensure the least possible suffering.

Halalal restaurant: a healthy fashion

Regardless of personal opinions about Halal meat, the fact is that it is spreading. More and more Halal Restaurants and more and more companies are trying to be inclusive by offering Halal meat as an option or switching to Halal Meat entirely. It is no longer just about restaurants in the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe serving Halal meat.


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“In most major cities in America, these are usually the ‘Halal’ restaurants: Indians, Pakistanis, Turks, etc.”, says Mohammed. “The only thing about Houston is that I can get Chinese food, hamburgers, meat, and even gyros with souvlaki that are all Halal.

Mohammed was born in Saudi Arabia and has never eaten any meat other than Halal for religious reasons. While studying at the university, he realized he had some free time when he finished his school work, and he wanted a reason to go out to eat and tell others about Halal food.

It turns out that here in Barcelona there are also more and more restaurants serving Halal meat, from hamburgers to cheesesteaks…

Life is sacred

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Islam places great emphasis on the way an animal’s life ends, which has to be in accordance with Islamic regulations. Life is a sacred blessing from God for creation, both animal and human. If an animal’s life has to end for human survival, then its life should only be taken in the name of God. Therefore, the phrase Bismillah (“in the name of God”) should be pronounced just before an animal is sacrificed. Muslims cannot consume the meat of animals that are sacrificed in a name other than God. And every self-respecting Halal restaurant must observe these premises.

Any animal sacrificed in the name of a living or dead person, any deity or idol will be considered haram and, therefore, Muslims are not allowed to consume such meat.

Islamic law

Muslims are only allowed to eat meat prepared according to Islamic Law. Muslims say the Islamic law on killing animals is designed to reduce the pain and distress the animal suffers.

These rules state, among other things:

  • The manager must be a healthy adult Muslim.
  • You must say the name of God before making the cut.
  • The name of God is said to emphasize the sanctity of life and that the animal is being killed for food with the consent of God.
  • Animals must be well treated at all times.
  • Animals must not see other animals at the time of slaughter.
  • The animal should not be in an awkward position.

Some experts say that the animal killed in this way does not suffer if the cut is made quickly and cleanly, because it loses consciousness before the brain can perceive any pain

Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life with protocols, rules and manners that govern all facets of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws have a special meaning. Muslims are expected to eat to survive, to maintain good health and not to eat. In Islam, eating is considered a matter of worshipping God such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving and other religious activities.

Halal Restaurant Well Food Gourmet

Halal Restaurant


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Source for Islamic Law information, on the Islamic Council of Victoria.